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tour de Montréal sur la glace



winter on two wheels


bicycle map of Montreal, 1897



from: Copenhagenize

CTV maps where cars most often crash into bicycles


source: CTV

Not surprising that those two busy corners along the Berri bike artery are popular sites for crashes. But what’s more surprising is that the DeMaisonneuve bike path doesn’t contain any of the top five. I guess motorists along that route have learned to yield.


feral spandex terrorizes maisonneuve


This is a scratchy and funny video taken by a visitor to Montréal.

For ten rib-tickling minutes, you will be treated to the spectacle of a law-and-order, helmet-wearing, serious cyclist trying to ply Montreal’s downtown bike path with all its zaniness and jaywalking radicals.

Funny moment: The Asian woman he tails from the start of his journey insists on taking Feral Spandex’s photo. In his own comments to his video, Feral Spandex (real name: jsallen1946) pleads with her to contact him.

Is this plea to Young Cyclist an example of the social desperation of the Internet generation? Or does it point to a new way to meet people through handmade media? And is it politically incorrect to describe people as Asian, or female?

Heads up!… way up!… for this nugget of YouTube gold.

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