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I’ve cycled to the top of Mount Royal every New Year’s Day for the last 14 years. This year, I decided to introduce a new tradition: Cola Ice.

What is Cola Ice? Well, when it’s below freezing outside, the cola gradually freezes starting on the outside, forming a skin of beige slush.  But just before it’s frozen solid, there’s a delicious core of concentrated liquid in the center which is about ten times as strong in flavor as regular, unfrozen cola. Sort of like a cola espresso.

This year, at -18, the cola took 45 minutes to freeze to perfection.

One word of warning for anyone trying this: when you open the Cola Ice, it explodes like it’s been shaken. Try to set it down somewhere to let the excess fizz pour out. Then pop the iced up bottleneck open with your tongue, squeeze the excess slush from the neck of the bottle, and enjoy.


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