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mayor car company envelope


coderre laurier

The current mayor of Montreal is a lot like many other North American mayors. He dreams of cutting ribbons on new stadiums. He likes to get his picture taken doing charity events. And he is at the front lines of stalling and incompetently building bicycle infrastructure as slowly as possible, and building expensive car infrastructure to bankrupt the state.

Above is a protected bike lane that our car-mayor halted after a few meters because it would displace a couple dozen parking spots. So, a compromise was made, and a sidewalk was eliminated (in a popular city park) so that the cars could continue to chew  up the landscape next to a main north-south bicycle artery. The result is as crooked as… you can finish the sentence.

Our mayor certainly isn’t alone. Like many of our recent mayors, he’s got lots of connections to people in many well-oiled places, and he thus prefers pitching P.R. curve-balls from the side of his mouth when it comes to changing transportation habits. Evidence that there’s more fast money in bribes from industry than there is in creating positive change.


bicycle map of Montreal, 1897



from: Copenhagenize

cyclists are the happiest of all



Despite getting run over, doored, harassed, and generally being treated as second-class citizens of the road, bicyclists are the happiest of all commuters. Go figure!

The finding comes via an Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium study released this month. Those who walk to work, the study found, are nearly as happy as cyclists, who are about three times happier than solo car-drivers.

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radical pedestrians take over street


With the help of Extremist Cyclists, a sleeper cell of Radical Pedestrians takes over a stretch of downtown Montréal to the horror of terrorized motorists trying to get to their arms-manufacturing jobs.

il fait beau dans l’métro (1976)


A nostalgic 70s-something service announcement/socialist agitprop. The hair,  clothes, and giddy pop music set the mood for this far out plug for way cool transit.

Austin Powers sold separately.

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