the science of running red lights

Finally, a peer-reviewed paper explores the perfectly natural behavior of cyclists who treat red lights and stop signs like yield signs, continuing through intersections after checking for oncoming traffic from all sides.

Andrew Priest at Cycling and the Police examines this paradigm-shattering research:

Often when the subject of cycling comes up over the dinner table the subject of cyclists running lights is soon raised. I often find this rather amusing as last time I checked I thought we had red light cameras in place; you know those expensive fancy cameras to capture evil cyclists running red lights right? Nope, sorry they are there because of you and me as motorists. Yep it is our driving which puts others at serious risk of injury or worse death, not because a cyclist runs a red light. An issue that is so bad we have to have cameras in place and in my experience not enough cameras given the new world view that “orange is green.” So maybe it is time for some reflection before we blame those evil cyclists yet again.

All that said, researchers at the Monash University Accident Research Centre have undertaken research to shed some insights into cyclists’ decisions to run red lights and have a published a paper sharing their findings.

(continued at Cycling and the Police blog)


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