winter biking can be expensive

..if you read commercially-motivated blogs.

The blog recommends $80 tires and $350 pants… just to get you started. So unless you’re wealthy enough to drop a thousand dollars to attempt to use your bike this winter, the advice in that blog is purely decorative and probably demoralizing.

It’s probably that most readers of that article don’t really need to bike in the winter; they can ride their well-equipped SUVs for any real travel. For this type of cyclist – the adventure consumer – the real thrill is in the shopping.

Meanwhile, you can find insulated ski pants for $20, and it’s possible to make your own “winter tires” for next-to-nothing with a little googling. I bike on my regular mountain bike tires all winter by sticking to plowed paths and sidewalks.

Unless your primary motivation is status (rather than survival), product placement is sort of insulting and useless. Remember way back before the age of blogs, when the only sources of information were advertising-driven magazines?

That time is past because the earth can’t sustain commercial lies anymore. Don’t buy $350 ski pants to bike this winter. Use Google instead of Visa and save money and time that you can use for recreation and slower travel.


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