dollarama rainbike fashions

Whenever I go for a ride on a rainy day,  I pass a few soggy people wearing bike helmets. I realize it’s important to protect your head. But even if it’s not as deadly as an SUV collision, rain also requires wardrobe adjustments.

In this photograph, our handsome model wears only the most practical rainwear made up of inexpensive items that can be found at Dollarama or a hardware store.

On top, he sports an elastic hair band to keep his poncho hood from slipping off his head as he rides. The poncho itself is sleeveless so our model wears a long-sleeve vinyl coat underneath it. The splash of orange says citrus together with the lemony pants and poncho. Bright colors make you both visible and sunny.

Covering  his athletic legs, rain pants go all the way down to cover the tops of his insulated galoshes. The reflective vest serves two functions: night/wet windshield visibility, and improved poncho aerodynamics.

Our modeling hunk’s glamorous hands are protected by two layers of gloves: fleece undergloves and neoprene outergloves. Neoprene gloves alone will make your hands sweat and create mildew, so always wear a pair of fleece or knit gloves underneath.

Once you’ve got the fashion basics that make your look work, you’ll be ready to splash with pinache.

Rainbike fashion checklist

Headband elastics (5/$1 Dollarama)
Disposable poncho ($2 Dollarama)
Vinyl Coat ($10, Urban Behavior)

Reflective Vest ($10, Canadian TIre)

Rain Pants ($12, Canadian Tire)
Fleece or knit gloves ($2, Dollarama)
Neoprene gloves ($10, Canadian Tire)
Insulated Galoshes ($40, Yellow Shoes)

Insulated galoshes with zipper front $20 - $50

Neoprene gloves keep hands dry and warm


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