me and you and a dog-free sled


There’s an important flaw in the hippiexploitation classic Alice’s Restaurant. The flaw – in the environmental/peace credentials of the movie – is that paradise was paved over to build a parking lot for Arlo Guthrie’s Volkswagen van –  his beloved vee dub.

The Vietnam War was mainly about securing rubber supplies for car tires, and the scene in the movie where Arlo and friends dump their trash down a hillside from the van spoils the movie’s granola flavor. That so-called “love” van was in reality just carbon monoxide and war.

The inventive bloggers at home grown cycles propose this motorless alternative to the earth-destroying Volks Van. Light in the pawprint, the bike camper offers inexpensive nomadism without all the animal-sacrifice associated with industrial gluttony.

We’re animals ourselves. So you can get whatever you want – except cannibalism – at this restaurant.


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