make winter tires with zip ties!

zip ties


This season’s homemade winter tire cover is taken from a how to article in the inhabitat infosite.

Take that bike out of snow storage, people — the folks at Dutch Bike Co. have a handy way to give your two-wheeled ride some snow tires for cheap — all you need are zip ties!

The Seattle-based bike experts were looking for a good alternative to pricey studded tires when they happened upon this genius substitution. Just snap the ties on your wheels, clip off the excess, and you’re ready to go zipping through the winter wonderland covering much of the United States right now.

The folks behind this genius discovery assure you that the zip ties will cut into snowy and icy surfaces enough to make sure you won’t go slip sliding away.

Zip ties were just lying there at Dollarama waiting to be discovered all this time.

I hesitate to recommend this too strongly though because this probably won’t  work with regular brake pads.




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