using bike data to transform roadways

bike map lyon

An Infrastructurist article describes how Lyon’s bike-sharing program has facilitated research into the bike traffic patterns in the city.

the Lyon researchers believe their data will help the city plan bike paths more efficiently.

On early weekday mornings, before rush hour, Lyon bicyclers reached an average speed of 14.5 kilometers per hour (roughly 9 miles per hour) — though “experienced or hurried” riders got up to 20 k.p.h. (12 m.p.h.), the authors report. During morning rush hours the average bicyclist’s speed dropped to 13.5 k.p.h. (8.4 m.p.h.). Still, that figure compares very favorably with the average car’s speed in a downtown European city, which ranges from 10 to 15 (6.2 to 9.3 m.p.h.).

Our local Bixi network allows for studying central city cycling patterns as well. Will this information be used to create new cycling facilities?


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