feral spandex terrorizes maisonneuve

This is a scratchy and funny video taken by a visitor to Montréal.

For ten rib-tickling minutes, you will be treated to the spectacle of a law-and-order, helmet-wearing, serious cyclist trying to ply Montreal’s downtown bike path with all its zaniness and jaywalking radicals.

Funny moment: The Asian woman he tails from the start of his journey insists on taking Feral Spandex’s photo. In his own comments to his video, Feral Spandex (real name: jsallen1946) pleads with her to contact him.

Is this plea to Young Cyclist an example of the social desperation of the Internet generation? Or does it point to a new way to meet people through handmade media? And is it politically incorrect to describe people as Asian, or female?

Heads up!… way up!… for this nugget of YouTube gold.


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