Barclays Cycle Hire: how it works

Montreal’s Bixi system was recently introduced in London (with different livery) as the Barclays Cycle Hire. To compliment the new bike sharing program, the mayor is also introducing new infrastructure in the form of cycle highways that extend outward from the downtown core.

Check out the Bike Sharing Blog (this blog has lots of great pix if you’re into cycle livery) for more on this new bikeshare program, along with Washington, DC’s new Capital Bikeshare – also furnished by The Public Bike System AKA Bixi.

So far, Minneapolis, London, Melbourne and Washington D.C. have all opted for the Montreal-designed system of European-style bike sharing. Will your city be next?

Actually, the London lesson (listen to the interviews at the bottom of the link) does demonstrate one thing: the way a sponsor can destroy the look of the bike with huge logos and inauspicious paint schemes. Is London really so poor that it needs to pimp its bike share to a bank with an anonymity complex? “I just don’t think anyone has heard of our bank. We really need to get our name out there.”


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