Rocco’s bike inquisition hits TO

rocco map

On October 25, 2010, Toronto will be electing a new mayor. One of the prime candidates is transit/biking foe Rocco Rossi. You can visit his Facebook page to find out more about his pet peeves and how many Mafia Wars items he needs.

One of his most infamous pet peeves, of course,  is crosstown bike routes. The map above demonstrates the kind of recreational bike lanes Rossi prefers for innercity Toronto. Notice how safe these new-and-improved paths are. By winding up and down quiet residential streets, you are far less likely to be knocked off your tricycle by a passing minivan full of screaming little league buddies. Likewise, that the path meanders north and south without really going anywhere, ought to calm those parents who worry about their children biking (or triking) away from their  neighborhoods without Mom or Dad driving them.

About his plan for ‘Car City TO’, Rocco said: “…as mayor I’d call a truce in the war on the car by opposing any further bike lanes on arterial roads, including Jarvis Street…common sense and safety tell me that bike lanes and arterial roads do not mix.”


“Hey! Where’s your helmet?” Rocco has Toronto cyclist safety in mind

So as mayor, he would be a peacemaker, reaching out to the suffering and maligned automobile community with an olive branch in the form of canceled bike infrastructure projects and reduced transit. I’m sure a lot of automobile industry insiders have had their wallets loosened by this kind of rhetoric. It just makes sense if you sell cars.

On October 25, please vote for someone other than this car-industry avatar.


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