Blame Drivers?

The Sunday Times (UK) – September 20, 2009

Cycling plan to blame drivers
for all crashes

Ministers are considering a far-reaching change in the law in a bid to promote greener transport

blame drivers

MINISTERS are considering making motorists legally responsible for accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians, even if they are not at fault.

Government advisers are pushing for changes in the civil law that will make the most powerful vehicle involved in a collision automatically liable for insurance and compensation purposes.

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This is an interesting idea: in order to promote bicycle safety, make the large vehicle – the one that can easily kill the person using the smaller vehicle or the pedestrian – responsible for whatever harm arises from a collision between his killer vehicle and the bike. Likewise, when a bike and pedestrian get in an accident, make the cyclist responsible for any harm that results.

It’s pretty obvious that bikes, rollerblades and shoes are not the vehicles that are involved in slaughtering humans every year by the thousands.

Would this law reduce accidents, or encourage hit-and-run?


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